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FAIND is the first ever AI designed to automatically connect you with people who share your passions and aspirations. Whether it's new friends, networking or fellow hobbyists, FAIND understands what you are looking for and finds the most compatible people in your area for you.

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How It Works
Tell AI What You Are Looking For
Our AI understands your input down to every nuance and automatically connects you to like-minded people. No need to swipe or check the app - we will let you know when there's a match!
Review Connections
Every connection AI brings has an explanation, allowing you to understand it and give feedback. By giving our AI instructions, you can explain what matters to you and fully personalize your experience.
Connect And Chat With People
Every new person who joins FAIND and shares your passions will automatically be introduced to you. By spending a few minutes to sign up, you make yourself discoverable and open the door to a lifetime of opportunities.
You may be looking for anything! For example...
We are not just another app you feel too busy to use. Regardless of what you are seeking, here is what makes FAIND unique and valuable:
Designed To Save Time
We save your time and attention. Our AI can analyze thousands of potential matches while you sleep and only show you the relevant ones.
We are not just another dating or networking app, we are an app for everything. Looking for salsa dance partners, startup co-founders or just someone to build sandcastles with at the beach? Anything you can explain through text, the AI will understand.
Our users have the full power over the algorithm: by giving AI instructions in natural language, only you decide what matters to you and what doesn't.
Every suggestion made by AI is accompanied by an explanation, allowing you to understand its train of thought and give feedback to refine future recommendations.
Works for you 24/7
Whether you are actively seeking something or just wouldn't mind new connections, FAIND allows you to discover like-minded people even when you both don't look at the app. All it takes is one text to get started.
Private and Secure
You have full control over what information you share and what people you connect with. Your profile is not public and is only shown to relevant people.
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We Believe In What We Do
The world would be a better place with more human connection, and with your support we can bring the future where meeting new people is easier than ever.

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AI to connect people, not replace them
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